The Indiana Soccer Camp strives to uphold the tradition of excellence expected of all who wear the Indiana uniform, on and off the field, as expressed in the “Indiana University Soccer Player.”  Former Head Coach Jerry Yeagley continues to consult and regularly participate in all activities related to the Indiana Soccer Camp.

Inspired Through Personal Motivation
The IU Soccer Player responds positively to external motivation. However, his strength and inspiration is derived primarily through personal motivation. The IU Soccer Player has a burning desire to achieve success and is driven to be the best he can be.

Performance Follows Attitude
The IU Soccer Player’s performance is shaped through a positive attitude. While the performance of others is inhibited by anxiety and a fear of failure, the IU Soccer Player’s performance is bolstered though courage and confidence. The IU Soccer Player demonstrates positive self worth, always striving to build up his teammates.

The IU Soccer Player is an honest player. He strives to do everything right all of the time. He takes no shortcuts and does not cheat in practice or in games. While others save it just for the game, the IU Soccer Player challenges himself to get better every day. He holds himself and his teammates accountable to the highest standards.

Pride in the Uniform
The IU Soccer Player takes tremendous pride in wearing the soccer uniform. He has a deep respect for the history and tradition of the program and for those who have previously worn the uniform and he recognizes the responsibility that goes with this honor. Only the highest standard of performance and best effort is acceptable. When the IU Soccer Player takes the field wearing the IU colors, he holds his head high never hoping to win, but rather always expecting to win. After all, he is an Indiana University Soccer Player.

Coach Jerry Yeagley
IU Soccer Coach, 1963-2003