Session 1: Thursday, July 4 through Sunday, July 7

Session 2: Thursday, July 11 through Sunday, July 14

Camp tuition is $680 for Summer 2024.
Click on any “Register Now” button. Payment online is available by credit card only.
We accept applications until the sessions are full. Camp fills quickly, so we suggest registering early, especially for goalkeepers.
Yes, when the session fills, an online waiting list will become available. No deposit is necessary to be placed on the waiting list.
You may apply to camp with a deposit of $200. The full balance is due March 1, 2024. Applications received after May 1 must be accompanied by the full tuition.
Following registration online, a confirmation letter will be sent immediately by email. Please contact us if you have not received your email confirmation letter. A thorough checklist of items necessary for camp will accompany the email confirmation letter.
Yes, every player needs their own soccer ball. Bring your own or pre-purchase an adidas soccer ball on your camp application for $30. Camp balls will be available for purchase on the first day of camp for $35.
The Indiana Soccer Camp does not provide transportation. However, we recommend the Star of America Airport Shuttle (800) 933-0097 or the GO Express/Bloomington Shuttle Service (800) 589-6004 or Classic Touch Limo (800) 319-0082.
No physical is required for camp, however the application will not be processed without the medical consent and liability waiver. Both forms are available within the online registration and on the paper application.
The medical consent and liability waiver must accompany the application in order for processing to occur. They are included within the online registration and on the backside of the paper application.
All cancellations must be requested in writing or by email to If cancellation occurs eight (8) or more days prior to the start of camp, all fees will be returned except the $75 handling and processing fee. If cancellation occurs within the week prior to the first day of camp, all fees will be returned except a $150 handling and processing fee. There is no fee to transfer sessions, however we do need written request for transfer. When both roommates or several friends teammates are transferring, we do need a written request from each family. Transfers may be made until the session age group(s) is/are full (goalkeepers – please contact us as soon as possible if you need to transfer).

Please submit all cancellations and transfer requests to

Roommate requests and/or near requests are honored, however, they must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the start of camp. Roommate requests made within the two weeks prior to the start of camp will be honored if possible. Two to four players per room. Briscoe is recently renovated (very nice!) and has varying room configurations. Single rooms may be requested if available. Bathrooms are within the rooms. Players attending camp alone will be placed with another camper attending alone whenever possible, and near other players who are also looking to make friends (rather than a player attending alone being place amongst a group of teammates). We do everything we can to encourage players attending in ones or twos to meet new friends at camp. It is NOT recommended that a young player (age 10-12) attend camp for the first time without a friend for a roommate.
Players reside at Briscoe dormitory on North Fee Lane on the campus of Indiana University. Briscoe is air-conditioned!
On the first day of camp, registration will occur between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm at Briscoe dormitory at 1225 North Fee Lane, Bloomington, IN. The first training session starts at 3:00 pm. PLAYERS MUST BE PRESENT TO REGISTER. Parents do not need to be present (carpooling is fine). If you will be arriving late due to travel or scheduling conflicts, please email us at or call (812) 219-6811 before 2:30 pm to let us know!
Camp ends on Sunday at noon. World Cup matches begin at 8:30 or 8:45am. Staff will be on hand in the Briscoe Circle Drive with game locations, field maps and directions.
The first meal is dinner on the first day of camp.
The last meal is breakfast on the last day of camp.
7:00 am Wake Up
7:00-8:15 am Breakfast
8:40-11:00 am Morning training sessions
11:15 am-12:45 pm Lunch
1:30 pm- 4:15 pm Afternoon training sessions/Team Competition
4:30 pm-6:00 pm Dinner
6:15 pm- 8:30 pm Evening training sessions/Team competition
9:15 pm Staff/IU player Demonstrations
10:50 pm Players in rooms
11:00 pm Lights out
10:1 for field players and 8:1 for goalkeepers
This is done for various reasons. They market their program as elite, to attract certain players to certain weeks, or because of field restrictions or staffing numbers. According to NCAA guidelines, we cannot invite or decline any player coming to any camp based on ability, so even when you call a camp by a certain name, it does not guarantee the level of play for your player. At Indiana, we always expect excellence and strive to make every camp the appropriate setting for developing and elite players. We are able to provide the facilities and an exceptional staff for large numbers of players at once. This allows us to ensure that balanced teams and proper competition can be achieved each week of camp rather than splitting players into different weeks. Some players might not know that they are capable of being an “elite player” until they are placed with very skilled people around them, and some players might not realize that they need more work on fundamental aspects of the game. Bringing everyone in at once allows the opportunity to develop weaknesses and also might show a “diamond in the rough” that they truly shine. It also provides an opportunity for younger players to observe the more mature players and see what’s ahead in their soccer career. Our summer sessions and Winter College Prep Camp are ALL “ID” camps for high school players, meaning that for players looking to play in college, it will be an appropriate playing environment for a challenging level of play, and college coaches will be on staff from Divisions I, II, and III.
Our Winter College Prep camp is limited by the size of our indoor facility, so we can accept a limited number of high school players only. We offer it so that players with very demanding schedules have one more option to be seen (i.e., Academy schedules or advancing into tournaments does not allow for summer camp attendance or cause camp cancellation). Any player hoping to play college soccer is encouraged to attend Winter Camp, even as a freshman in high school. At Winter Camp, there is a progression from individual skills, to small-sided activities, to full-size matches over the course of the weekend. All players must be high school age because they are mixed, rather than playing only at age level. Summer Sessions provide the advantage of seeing more of the IU campus, spending more time with coaches between sessions, and having more time to get comfortable and train in more settings and types of soccer activities to expose technical and physical strengths and weaknesses. It is an appropriate camp for a player just trying to make the school or club team, all the way up to a player hoping to play college soccer. Individual, small-sided activities, and full-sided matches are played every day at summer sessions, focusing on a different aspect of the game each day. Staying in the dorms gives the players a sense of what being a student at IU is like, preparing them for any future days in college, whether they play soccer or not, but at a higher level of supervision, and spending more time with players and coaches from different parts of the country develops your child’s abilities on and off the field.
Players are fully supervised by camp staff 24 hours per day, during all camp activities and on floors. Camp staff and trainers reside on each of the dormitory floors at night. Extra security is hired to monitor the dorms from 10:00 pm to 1:00 a.m. The Briscoe building is secured after hours. Players (and IU students) only have access to the building they are sleeping in (they cannot get into other dorms with their keycard).
Fully certified health professionals are available 24 hours per day and on the fields during training sessions.
No specific level of ability is required. We just ask that all players bring the desire to learn and have fun, and we will help them reach the next level! All players should be prepared to play A LOT of soccer and be in good physical condition for multiple trainings per day.
A thorough checklist is available on The checklist is also sent to each player with a confirmation letter upon our receipt of your application.
A camp concession store will provide snacks, drinks, and IU soccer gear available for purchase. There are no refrigerators in the dorms, so campers may need to purchase cold items at camp. Pizza orders are placed at the camp store for nightly delivery. Campers who order pizza at the camp store will be able to pick up their pizza following the evening camp demonstration/meeting at approx 9:30pm.
Typical spending money at camp is $60 – $75 for the session.
Go to to link to the IU Women’s Soccer Camp registration.
Yes, cell phones are permitted but not encouraged for young players (players under 14). In our experience, we have seen that a homesick player typically becomes more and more homesick with continual contact with parents by their cell phone, because it keeps them more attached to you, rather than being out and about with other players and engaging fully in camp. Texting often creates miscommunication due to lack of context and timing. No cell phones are permitted during camp activities or while moving to and from activities (i.e., walking to fields or meals). Players are encouraged to leave their cell phones in their rooms and lock their doors when leaving to prevent any loss of phones or personal items. Electronics are permitted because many players now rely on them for music, relaxing, etc, but they are only permitted in their rooms. Any misuse or abuse of electronics with regards to other players, photos, etc. will be handled by the coaching staff at their discretion. Please educate your son on not using a device with a camera in areas where players may be changing clothes, restrooms, etc. and never using a device at the expense of someone else. If your player is injured or having trouble at camp, please encourage them to go to a staff member as soon as possible, and please contact us. Our staff is much more able to be effective if your player is engaged with us.
Call or text our camp cell phone line (812)219-6811

Briscoe Center Desk (812)855-5313

There is no fee to transfer sessions, however we do need written request for transfer. When both roommates or several friends teammates are transferring, we do need a written request from each family. Transfers may be made until the session age group(s) is/are full (goalkeepers – please contact us as soon as possible if you need to transfer).

Camp tuition may not be transferred to the following year or a different type of camp during the year, and is non-transferrable to another player. Please refer to our refund and cancellation policy for details on cancellations.