• Players reside at the Briscoe Quad Dormitory, 1225 North Fee Lane, on the campus of Indiana University.
  • Briscoe is recently renovated and is air-conditioned!
  • Room and Meal Cards: Distributed at camp check-in with lanyards.  Dorms and Floors are unlocked with a slide card (which is also the meal card).
  • Lost room and meal cards: When a player loses their key or meal card, we typically wait through one training session and meal prior to assuming a key is truly lost. During that time, players may eat with a borrowed extra meal card.  They should speak to staff as soon as they know their card is missing so that we can be sure they do not miss a meal.   Meal cards can be replaced for a minimal fee ($15, subject to change slightly) once they are determined truly missing.
  • Staff Supervision: Camp coaches reside on each floor, typically 2 coaches per floor.  Coaches are present/reside on floors at night and overnight but may not always be present between daytime sessions, as they may be at meals or in a meeting with coaches from their divisions.  Camp staff managers sweep the floors consistently to supervise players on floors.  A health professional is on call in the dorms 24 hours per day.  Our full health staff is available before and after training sessions (and always on fields).  All staff complete government background checks, and are well-known by the Indiana Soccer Camp Staff.
  • Dorm Security: Doors to buildings may only be unlocked with slide cards of players assigned to that building.  Floor entry doors require a slide card from that floor to be unlocked.  The Indiana Soccer Camp hires an Indiana University police officer to patrol and roam outside of the buildings overnight.
  • Bathrooms and showers: are in the individual rooms. Flip flops/slides are recommended for showers.
  • Individual refrigerators and microwaves: not permitted in dorm rooms during sports camps due to university regulations.
  • Linens are not provided: Each player should bring a set of Twin XL sheets (or two flat twin sheets), a pillow and pillow case, blanket, and at least 2 towels.  Players traveling by plane may purchase a “bedding bundle” at the time of registration to reduce luggage quantity.
  • Coolers: permitted in rooms but definitely not necessary, and typically create a mess. Gatorade and water are provided on the fields at all times.  Players may fill their jugs when leaving the field so that they have a full jug in their room.  If sending drinks with your player, please send water to reduce damage to rooms.
  • Snacks and foods from home: permitted, but again not necessary, as players are served three meals (and large selection of salad, fruit, cereal, etc) a day and our camp concession prices are kept very low.  More food brought into rooms typically results in more to clean up.
  • Pizza Orders: Orders taken at the camp store throughout the day until the last training session.  All orders all placed at one time by camp staff, and pizzas are delivered following last training session.  Players may not order individual delivery to their rooms.  Pizzas are 8 slices and $13, so they are easily split between 2 or 4 players. Gluten free crust and cheese-free pizza available upon request.
  • The first meal is dinner on Thursday. The last meal is breakfast on Sunday.
  • Camp Menu: will be sent by email in the weeks prior to camp for review with your player. It is helpful for players with allergies, restrictions, or “picky” eaters to go over the menu prior to leaving home so that they know which foods they will enjoy.  We recommend highlighting the menu for young players with special dietary needs so that they feel comfortable walking into each meal.
  • Special dietary needs: please click here.

Cell Phones & Wifi

  • Cell phones are permitted in player’s rooms but not during camp activities, training sessions, meals, or while walking to and from training sessions. It is recommended that all electronics and phones remain in the dorm rooms during camp activities, and dorm rooms are locked by players.
  • Cell phones are not recommended for players ages 11, 12 and 13. We have observed that homesickness increases with constant contact with parents and texting creates frequent miscommunication due to lack of context. It is difficult to engage a homesick child with other players and staff if they are consistently calling home. With three training sessions per day, most players cannot wait to sleep, but an iPod/headphones works best for music, etc.
  • Please do not send your son with any type of portable speakers.
  • Camp is not responsible for players’ electronic devices or monitoring content accessed online.
  • Please educate your son on not using a device with a camera in areas where players may be changing clothes, restrooms, etc. and never using a device at the expense of someone else.
  • If your player is injured or having trouble at camp, please encourage them to go to a staff member as soon as possible, and please contact us. Our staff is much more able to be effective if your player is engaged with us.
  • Camper Mail/Care Packages: Please mail to:
    – Indiana Soccer Camp, Camper’s Full Name, Briscoe Center Desk, 1225 N. Fee Lane, Bloomington, IN 47406
  • In case of emergency:
    – Call or text our camp cell phone line (812)219-6811
    – Briscoe Center Desk (812)855-5313 (please call the camp prior to calling Briscoe Center Desk staff)